Amanda Griffin

Hi there, I am Amanda, an ESL teacher and a passionate traveler. I love to travel! I have been traveling and living overseas for most of the past 3 years and have spent time living, volunteering, working, and exploring all over Asia, Europe, Australia, and more. Aside from teaching English and traveling, I like: yoga, meditation, cooking, and explaining things in a way that average layperson can understand.

ivation solar survival backpack

Ivation Solar Survival Backpack Review

Traveling will never be the same again with a solar backpack. If you’re looking for hiking, biking or other types of adventure, consider getting the Ivation Solar Survival Backpack. You’ll definitely be impressed by the power of this solar backpack in converting sunlight to reusable energy for your gadgets. The Ivation Solar Survival Backpack includes a …

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eceen laptop backpack

ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel Review

When it comes to affordable and reliable solar backpacks, ECEEN is one of the leading brands. The ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel demonstrates this. This backpack is designed for those who are looking for a more efficient solar-powered laptop backpack. It won’t just carry your 14-inch laptop, it can also recharge your …

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Best Solar Backpacks 2021

Solar power technology has proven its effectiveness at powering various devices, and new solar-powered products are being released all the time as companies continue to innovate and become more eco-friendly. Now, you can even buy solar backpacks, which make traveling more convenient. What’s the purpose of a solar panel backpack? There are many reasons why …

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