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If you want a cool solar charger that you can use to charge your devices while outdoors, then this model might just be the best option for you. Suaoki is a 14W foldable solar charger that comes with durable ETFE solar cells that are also waterproof. The solar charger is a great accessory because it is highly reliable as a power source. Let’s check out some of its great features.

Product highlight

Suaoki foldable solar charger features an ETFE lamination that makes it stylish. This is a fluorine-based plastic that is used due to its resistance to corrosion and being highly durable. This means that the solar charger has an enhanced durability, which allows the user to take it with him or her to various outdoor activities. You can now go on that hike, camping trip, or other outdoor adventure worry-free because you will have a reliable power supply. What’s more, it is foldable into a compact design, thus making it easier to carry for a long distance. It features an IPX5 profile that is waterproof. This means that you won’t worry about the charger losing functionality due to water splashes or exposure to dust. This feature is impressive because it does pretty well under a wide range of temperatures: from -4°F to +140°F. See, there are plenty of reasons to buy Suaoki solar charger.

We have gone through all the consumer testimonials and came out with the following from the best portable solar charger reviews:

Reasons why it is a good buy

1. It has an intelligent charging technology

This solar charger comes with dual USB ports that are designed to automatically recognize the device that is being charged. This innovation allows the charger to give out optimum charging current input, which means that it will charge the device as per its demand for power. It will also reduce the charging time of the device significantly. As such, you won’t have to stay put for long just waiting for your device to fully charge so you can use it.

2. It comes with dual USB ports

This feature is convenient for users because it allows you to charge two devices at a go. The two ports (I & A) have adequate power to charge your two devices efficiently and effectively. The built-in dual USB (5V/2.8A) ports come with a waterproof rubber cap each, implying that it will charge your devices even under wet conditions. The ports are placed at the back of the portable solar charger, thus ensuring they are easy to access and use.

3. It has a high rate of conversion

This solar charger model is designed with an ETFE-coated panel that will quickly absorb the sunlight and convert it up to 20 percent solar power energy. The collected energy is enough to charge up two devices sufficiently and efficiently at a go. It is a great performer but to get the most of each USB port, you should use the I port for iOS devices and the A port for Androids.

4. It is lightweight and highly portable

This solar charger is ultra-thin, which makes it compact for portability. This is made better by the foldable nature of the solar charger. After folding it, you can carry it on your backpack easily and embark on your outdoor adventure. All you need to do is attach the solar charger on the backpack with carabiners and in the eyeholes. The charge will stay in place as you go hiking, camping, or just walking.

5. It is splash and dirt proof

This 14W solar charger comes with an IPX4 waterproof rate. This makes it resistant to water or dust in the event that these elements are sprayed directly to it. You, therefore, can comfortably use this charger outdoors while it is hanging on its carabiners. You can also stay outdoors with this charger for however long you want. Even when the rains fall, the solar charger will still maintain its outstanding performance.

Verdict and conclusion

There you have it. We have analyzed all the best portable solar charger reviews and determined why this model is the right one for you. Its two ports make it highly versatile because they allow you to charge two devices at a go. The intelligent charging technology and high rate of power conversion make the charger a worthy buy. It is also splash and dirt proof so you can use it under harsh conditions stress free.

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About the Product

The Suaoki foldable solar charger, just like any other solar gadget, converts solar energy into power that can be used to charge a wide range of devices. Among the major features of a device charger are its portability versatility, durability, and charging time. With these features in mind, Suaoki manufactures and sells 14W foldable and portable solar chargers whose design ensures that all your devices are constantly fully charged when you are away from electricity.

Product Highlights and Description

The folding solar charger has an extremely simple packaging and set up instructions. A single bundle purchase of the folding solar charger contains the following items:

  • One 14W solar charge panel
  • A user manual
  • One pair of carabiners
  • Two nylon rope ties
  • A stand that serves as both a solar finder and a supporting stand

Among the key design features of the product are the double coating of ETFE solar cells on the panel, two 5V/2.8A USB ports for both iOS and Android users, and a simple kickstand with strong locking hinges that make it possible to set up the unit in different angles during charging.

In its opened state, the solar charger has a size of 38″27 4’1 6 cm and that of 29 4*19’2 cm when folded. It weighs 0.38 kg. Further, the interface box has an LED light to monitor the charging state of the unit.

Why You Should Buy the Product

1. High Durability
Unlike the commonly used PET solar panel designs, the ETFE coating on the Suoaki solar charger is characterized by high tolerance to temperature and chemicals. The ETFE material has a waterproof rate of IPX4, rendering it resistant to water and dust. It makes the portable solar charger the greatest companion for all your outdoor activities. Given the ultra-slim and lightweight properties of the solar charger, it can be conveniently carried in small backpacks ensuring that it stays safe and close to the user.

2. Efficiency
The Suoaki portable charger has a 20% conversion rate of solar energy to power, making it one of the most efficient panels in solar technologies. The unit can charge two devices steadily. The charging ports are also labeled for ease of use. Moreover, the safety of your devices is guaranteed during charging. The solar charger features an intelligent charging system that spontaneously recognizes the connected device and optimizes the charging current. This way, the charging time is reduced significantly.

3. Flexible Mounting Options
The unit features four eyelets around its edges. These make it possible to mount the charger almost anywhere. The provision of two long cables and carabiners allow for flexibility in the mounting combinations of the gadget.

Maximum exposure to sunlight is ensured by a stand that bears an inbuilt sun finder. By simply pressing on a push button on the stand, and observing the reflection made by the dial, you can achieve multiple set up angles based on the direction of the sun.

4. Portability
The ability to fold the product makes it the best portable solar charger in the market. In fact, the charger resembles a card once it is folded, making it possible to fit in almost any backpack. Portability of the charger is further enhanced by its wafer-thin and lightweight design. The eyelets around the edges of the product can be used to attach it to different parts of a backpack in case you run out of space, making it extremely easy to carry.

5. Diverse Applications
Finally, the multiple features of the Suaoki portable solar charger deem its applications overly diverse. The gadget can be used during outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and road trips. Due to its efficiency ratings, the charger can trap the slightest rays of sunlight and convert them to power. Also, the multiple mounting options allow for the use of a wide range of equipment. The carabiners, cables, and eyelets ensure that you can charge your devices while riding your bicycle or while rock climbing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 14W Suaoki portable solar charger is arguably one of the best chargers for outdoor use. It is a great way to keep your devices going without worrying about how many pictures you can take on your next camping trip. Generally, you can trustfully acquire the solar charger for a limitless supply of power while having fun outdoors. Using the product along with a high capacity power bank will see to it that you always have power with you.

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The increasingly high numbers of gadgetry that people walk around with these days introduce something extra to worry about – charging these devices. Charging smartphones, tablets, or even drones becomes a challenge, especially if you are in an area without a power supply. In such a case, a solution, like the Suaoki 14W Portable Solar Charger, comes in handy. This device is a small solar panel that converts sunlight into electrical power to charge any of your gadgets.

The Suaoki Portable Solar Charger comes in a foldable panel design reminiscent of a standard hotel menu. When folded, its dimensions are about 7.5×11 inches and around 11×15 inches when opened for use. It has an interface box housing a couple of USB charging ports and an LED indicator that should light up green when you expose the device to sunlight. When you open the solar charger, you will see an inside with an ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) coating. If you touch the surface, the texture is like that of a woven mat. ETFE coating protects the solar cells from the high temperatures when exposed to sunlight and other things like spillages. The cells’ corners have a mitre to make them less susceptible to cracking. Generally, the Suaoki Solar Chargers features a design primarily meant for use outside. However, it is still fragile and would still need you to handle it with care.

Why You Should Get the Suaoki Portable Solar Charger

1.  Supports Different Devices
You are either using an Android or iOS device right now. For this reason, the Suaoki charger comes with two USB ports. One of the ports has optimization for charging Android devices, whereas the second one works best for Phones. Once you connect your device, charging will start when you expose the charger to sufficient sunlight. It regulates the supplied current automatically depending on the available sunlight. When the LED light on the charger illuminates a green color, the available current is enough for charging. Red means that current is below the required levels.

2. Usable on the Move
The Suaoki Portable Solar Charger comes with carabiners that allow you to strap it onto your backpack In this case, you can charge up your devices as you hike or trek under a sufficient amount of sunlight. However, since all the cells in the panels need to have exposure, it may be a bit of a challenge to get a reasonable amount of power at all times while moving. Despite this challenge, the little amount of power that you get on the move is still something worth liking about the Suaoki Solar charger.

3. Charging Outdoors
Charging when outdoors is the primary function of most portable solar chargers. The Suaoki solar charger is no different as it allows you to charge your phone while away from a traditional power outlet. It also has the edge over conventional portable chargers, which only act as reserves. When they run out of power, you will have no other way of charging up your devices, For the Suaoki charger, you will have power as long as there is sufficient sunlight

4. Great Adjustable Kickstand and Sundial
The kickstand allows you to simply press and set it to a right angle before you start adjusting it to the optimal. It also features an inbuilt sundial that you can use to know the best position to set the solar panel at different times of the day. All you have to do with this feature is to make sure that the sundial’s dot reflects at the center of the white area on the underside.

5. Ideal for Hiking and Camping
Most devices and power banks are likely to run out of juice if you go for camping or hiking for extended periods. In this case, having the Suaoki Solar Charger can provide that extra power to charge both your devices and the power banks to keep you powered up for more extended periods. The importance of this is that you will always have a communication tool with you in case of an emergency.

Bottom Line
The Suaoki Solar Charger is one of the best portable solar panels that you can find in the market. It will power up your mobile devices at any time of the day and anywhere. You can also use it to charge up to two devices simultaneously by employing an intelligent charging technology to adjust the power output accordingly. Furthermore, it is waterproof, meaning that in case the rain catches you, you would not have to worry about damages due to short-circuiting. Most importantly, it is lightweight-the essential aspect of any portable device.

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