How To Survive in an Earthquake?

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According to the American Red Cross, 45 states are at moderate to very high risk of earthquakes, and they can strike at any time, without warning. The unpredictable nature of earthquakes makes it difficult for local governments to prepare ahead of time, unlike with hurricanes or floods, when there is advanced notice of impending weather conditions.

Even with the best earthquake response from first respondents and authorities, it may take days for help to be available. This is why it is crucial for individuals and families to have their own earthquake preparedness plan in place. No worries, this guide shall give you a good idea on how to survive in an earthquake.

An earthquake may cause:

An earthquake (or other disaster) preparedness plan should include awareness of all these challenges, and plan for them ahead of time. Emergency power may not be available, and advance preparation is your best option.

How to prepare for an earthquake or natural disaster

Before an earthquake strikes

It is best to prepare for an earthquake, disaster, or power grid fails well ahead of time, when you have time to develop a detailed plan and discuss it with your family. Creating a plan in a calm state of mind helps you be more thorough and remember details you may otherwise forget. It also creates the opportunity for you and your family to practice your disaster plan, helping to make sure everyone remembers and follows through should the need arise.

Begin by making an emergency preparedness list and organizing items you need, information you need, and things you need to do. Consider the needs of all your family members: medications, diapers, oxygen tanks or medical devices, mobility concerns, etc.

How To Survive in an Earthquake? 1

Items you need:

Information you need:

Things you need to do:

Once you have developed this emergency power outage kit, structure a plan, and discuss and rehearse it with your family.

During an earthquake:

Immediately after an earthquake:

Living with a power outage:

It may take several days for power to be restored after an earthquake or natural disaster. This is why it is good to prepare for a power outage and make a power outage checklist ahead of time. We highly recommend you shall get one of these portable solar generators for emergency backup power. During a long-term power outage, remember to:

Final Thoughts

Check your list and your emergency supplies at least every year to make sure that batteries are fresh, goods haven’t expired, and that the supplies you have on hand still meet the changing needs of your family. Consider keeping two emergency supply kits: one in the car in case of a disaster that requires evacuation, and one in the home in case of a disaster that requires staying home.

Disaster preparedness can be unpleasant to think about but pays off in peace of mind and knowing that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in case of an emergency. Adopting these power outage tips and tricks will increase your odd to survive in an earthquake or natural disaster.


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John Booth

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SOS Survival Products
2 years ago

I just read your article on natural disasters and it is so creative! You mention a lot of helpful tips. One thing in particular that I really liked was how you said to prepare for an earthquake or disaster by having items such as masks, goggles, etc. because we never know when they might happen.”

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