10 Reasons to Use Solar Powered Light for Outdoor Lighting

solar powered light for outdoor

 Solarmonsters.com may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more here

 Solarmonsters.com may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more here

Why Switch to Solar for your Outdoor Lighting?

Regarding outdoor lighting there are obviously many options, but you look intently on the pros and cons of each lighting option, time and time again solar energy is at the forefront of the current trends. In this article, we will illustrate why choosing solar is the best choice. Our top ten reasons follow…

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1. Easy to install and use

Solar lighting is a user-friendly process. Overall, it is easy to install in any kind of circumstance, from indoor to outdoor needs. Many modern home owners are using it for all indoor and outdoor lighting, especially dusk to dawn solar lighting. The set up includes mainly battery and solar panels as necessary parts of installation. There is of course the cable line which connects the battery to the panel to be attached as well.

If you’re thinking solar is the right choice for you, the main requirement to getting started is ensuring your home gets enough sunlight for the panel to be effective. You can always ask an electrician or solar panel specialist to come to your property before purchase to ensure that you have the right conditions. After inspection and installation, there isn’t much maintenance for the solar panels. Regarding installing electricity as a whole, its one of the simplest and most hands off methods.

2. Carbon footprint reduction

Capturing solar energy by home panel starts with sun. The rays emit heat, which is then captured by the panel, translating it into reusable and sustainable energy. Solar is clean and efficient and will certainly be a good option for reducing your carbon footprint in the future.

Solar is one of the safest and cleanest processes for producing electricity that is recognized worldwide. Nations looking towards the shift from fossil fuel to renewable, often turn to solar as a solid option. In a world riddled with pollution and an increasing carbon footprint for each and every one of its people, solar is a great alternative to make an impact at both a small and large level, with regards to carbon footprint.

3. Easy and Free maintenance

One of the best benefits of solar energy is its low maintenance costs. After installation, maintenance is seldom needed. Typically, a solar cell panel can last about 5 years without needing to change the battery, cords or panel itself. Five years is a good barometer, but a thorough check can determine if the life of the battery is shot, or it can continue for the coming years.

After long usage times, the battery’s efficiency can diminish. At this moment, it is time to get it checked by a specialist, or simply replace it. Essentially, solar maintenance really comes down to the battery change. Day to day or even year to year maintenance isn’t truly an issue.

4. Inexhaustible

The sun is a natural resource of energy. But this resource is not like oil, coal, or water, which have a limited supply. Solar is an inexhaustible source of power. An added benefit is also that it requires no added imports or manpower to harness it. The good news regarding solar is that if you capture enough, it is exportable around the neighborhood or on a larger scale, from nation to nation. The long life of solar will be shining long after we are gone from the earth.

5. No Utilities cost

When using typical utilities like water, oil, coal, etc. we typically have to pay our landlord, our government or anyone else specifically in the process for access. Solar is not like this. In the long run, this can be a huge advantage in day to day home cost savings. We can easily adapt solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel powered electricity. By using this unlimited source of energy, we can also save some hard earned dollars along the way

In addition, during a natural disaster, your solar energy collection will be unimpacted by grid shutdowns or government rationing. Not only is it more environmentally conscious, it’s also cheap and more autonomous.

6. Return on Investment

Solar energy is a great way to get return on your initial investment. Not only does it save money, but also creates an opportunity for investment. Governments of several countries are creating opportunities for local people who want to take their extra solar energy to the market. Along with governments, different types of organizations are starting to use solar energy as a main source of energy. Every year, more and more organizations are looking towards renewable energy sources as their main supplier of energy.

7. Economical 

The preliminary cost of purchasing solar energy is higher. The initial amount includes the solar panel, inverter, batteries, wires, and installation. Although initial startup cost could be high, the maintenance and long-term benefit make up that investment over time. Solar grids do not require monthly maintenance fees or repairing. Different countries like USA, UK, Japan, China, etc. are also using this solar power for its economic benefit. Using solar energy can also save our environment from pollution.

8. Safety

Nowadays, safety plays a significant role in the workplace. Not only in workplace, but also in other cases, safety is a forefront concern. Solar energy is obviously a safe and sound source of energy. It is less dangerous than nuclear or other kinds of power plants. Solar power can also be a source of job creation for local communities. It can positively affect the local community as well as the economy of a country as a whole.

9. Affordable

Except for initial costs, solar energy is highly profitable as well as affordable as an alternative to electricity. Because of its affordability, the number of countries increasing their use of solar power has shot up. It is eco-friendly and safe for economy. The most important feature of solar energy is that it is renewable. In fact, it is an unlimited source of power for us. If we can assure the proper use of solar energy, our economy can make a great amount of profit.

10. Green Technology 

 As our earth is feeling the impacts of pollution on a large scale, many world leaders and business are looking to green technology as a solution for our future. The traditional way of producing electricity like oil, gas and coal burning is a toxic process and poses many risks to the environment and humans. Nuclear is another option, but due to technical issues and past failures, investment has dwindled.

So, in this regard solar energy is far better than of traditional and nuclear way. With all the challenges to our planet, this is a great way to move forward.


Solar lighting is a reliable solution for outdoor lightning with so many advantages. The only drawbacks are the upfront startup costs of installation. In comparison with other sources of energy, it’s both a cost effective and planet saving alternative to traditional means. Solar is the future, and jumping on it early is a solid choice, whether it’s simply for home use or something greater.


Emma Sanders

Emma Sanders

Emma is a senior pursuing her bachelor degree in Environmental Science. She is a frequent contributor to Solarmonsters. She’s a freelance writer who has been writing about renewable energy especially solar energy since 2018. Emma is passionate about sharing creative and unique ways to reduce carbon footprint with her DIY solar projects.

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